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Cart Horses Cheetah
Cart Horses. Shire Horses
See our animals category for more photos of wild and domestic animals.
Cheetah in zoo park.
See our animals category for more photos of wild and domestic animals. .
Rooster Chickens Sulfur crested Cockatoo
Rooster and Chickens .
See our animals category for more photos of wild and domestic animals.
Sulfur crested Cockatoo, parrot
See our animals category for more photos of wild and domestic animals.

Animal Stock Photos.
We have photographs of the main African animals, the big cats Lions and Cheetahs, as well as the elusive Hyena in the wild. Other predators such as the diamond Python and Lizards big and small, from the Goanna eight feet long to the monitor lizards four feet long, the water dragon just 6 inches long, right down to colorful little skink lizards. Even the weird and wonderful Chameleon is in our library. Antelopes abound we’ve got photos of Thompson’s Gazelles, Topi, Wildebeest, Impala, Eland, dainty Dik-Diks, water bucks, and Hartebeests. We’ve even got photos of carcasses of antelopes with Vultures in attendance and the odd Jackal. Not a predator, but one of Africa’s fiercest animals is the African Buffalo and we have stock Royalty free photos of buffalo grazing peacefully, staring ominously and wadding through swamps in the company of antelopes and pelicans. In the water we have Hippos doing their thing and grazing on the riverbank. Rhinos are another creature that challenges the photographer, after happily photographing mother and a baby rhino of about seven days old; father took a dislike to us and charged I can assure you it was much more frightening than it looks in the picture. The damage those animals can do with their Rhino horns is highlighted in our photos of two Rhinos fighting in the river, the bloody wounds were as nasty as they look. All together there are more than twenty wild rhino photos. And we have mentioned everybody’s favourite the African Elephant there’s more than forty photos of elephants in the wild. Elephants having dust baths, in family groups, solo elephants, huge tuskers, wallowing in swamps and baby elephants playing with branches. Another favourite is the zebra; we have stock photos of them in company with other wild animals, on their own, young zebras, even a zebra with part of its tail missing, probably lost to a predator. The elegant Giraffe in the wild and in the wild but so close to town that houses can be seen in the background. We haven’t forgotten the monkeys either we’ve Macaque and baboons. Then there are Arabian Camels, Fruit bats Tortoise (even the famous Galapagos Tortoise Harriet, a specimen collected by Charles Darwin. Harriet died on 23 June 2006, aged 176). From Australia we have photos of Kangaroos, Koalas, wombats, fruit bats and possums. But we also have the domestic animals or farm animals too, dogs, Border Collies, Labradors, Great Danes and puppies too. There’s cats, horses, carthorses the odd pony even a hobbyhorse or two, Chickens, Roosters Hens, Goats. And whether you call them Cattle, bovines or Cows and bulls we’ve photos of them; calf, bullocks, feedlot steers, calves, bulls their hooves or hoof, prize bulls, stud bulls testicles and stud bulls. But we’ve got photos of insects too, Honey Bees, caterpillars, moths, spiders, spider webs, praying mantis, scorpion fly and stick insects. From the sea we have photos of Crabs, yabbies, tropical fish, dead fish, shark jaws, barramundi and dolphins. Stock Bird photos by the flock, Herons, Ducks, wood ducks, mallard ducks, Pink Flamingos, Magpie geese, Moor Hens, Plovers, Rainbow Lorikeets, Secretary Birds, Spoonbills, Finches, Egyptian Goose, Crested crane, Water fowl, Swans, Bush hen fowl, Stilt, seagulls, Pelicans, Parrots, Magpies, Kookaburras laughing, Kookaburras nesting, baby Kookaburra fledgling, Kingfishers, Ibis, Guinea Fowl, Falcon, Cormorant, Cockatoos, Butcher birds, Blue cheeked Honeyeaters, Noisy Miner birds, vultures, Marabou storks and Ostriches, Tortoise, Lizard, Goanna, Monitor, Snake, Python, Bat, Snail, Bee, Caterpillar, Moth, Spider, stick insect, crab, tropical fish and Dolphins.

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